About Us

Ride Nashville was born out of a love for simpler times, cool rides, and a love for Music City USA. If you have ever wondered what it felt like to be in Nashville during the BOOM of Country music, or even before that, when the hotels and banks of Broadway were bustling. Whether you want history, or just like a taste of the simple things from days gone by…. This is for you.

Ride Nashville is a celebration of the history of Music City USA. Ride Nashville takes participants on a cruise through historic downtown Nashville, Tn, in a 1950’s era vehicle, hosted and narrated by your guide, who is also dressed and acts the part of a 1950’s era character. Enjoy the many sights and sounds of Nashville, from the comfort of your very own time machine, while listening to the voices of the icons of country music of yesterday. Stop at a few points along the way for a ‘photo op,’ and enjoy a truly nostalgic experience.

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